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Mindful Morning Gut Health Challenge

Get ready to transform your mornings and revitalize your gut health with our Mindful Morning Gut Health Challenge! Over the next 5 days, we'll challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and adopt mindful practices that will support your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Register for our FREE event today!

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Change Starts With A Single Decision

The average diet and lifestyle choices are proven to be fatal. The foods we choose to eat and our daily habits have greater and lasting effects on the body. Many chronic illnesses are an accumulation of the choices we make from the past and present. But that does not mean there is no hope! Action is HEALTH. Learn actionable steps toward your best health with my master classes.

Manifest Your Healing By Taking Action

Healthy eating to promote longevity.
Positive lifestyle changes to boost vitality.
Mental health to nurture strengths.

Hello, I'm Dr. Melissa!

Co-Founder Of Dr. Lifestyle & Triple Specialist In Family Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, & Psychiatry

As a physician, mental health advocate, and health coach, I help as many people as possible get better health outcomes and achieve outstanding health results. My passion is to empower individuals to find their purpose and joy while developing healthy habits for a lifetime. With my guidance for healthy living, you can create a more balanced, enjoyable, and peaceful lifestyle.


Make TODAY The Day You Decide

To Live A Healthier Lifestyle 

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1. Transition To A Plant-Based Lifestyle

We often hear that eating healthier can help manage conditions and prevent diseases, but that’s easier said than done. That is why connecting the foods we consume with our health can be motivating to take the first step toward change and live a long and happy life. Available now!

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2. Engage In A Total Health Reset


When you begin the journey of healing your body, your whole life will start to change. This course will help you understand wellness and teach you valuable lessons and provide essential tools for a lifelong health reset. Available now!

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3. Get A Mental Health Makeover

We are all unique individuals with challenges and struggles. As we overcome them, we need to nurture our minds and well-being. Let's give our mental and emotional health the same attention as our physical health. Coming soon!

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For me, your health and wellness goals are personal!

After seeing individuals getting stuck in unhealthy habits and attempting to get healthier to no avail, I decided to do something about it. What started as my passion for medicine, nutrition, and human behavior has turned into providing individualized care that has helped thousands of my patients step into a healthier and happier life like never before with practical lifestyle changes.

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If you answer yes, my master courses are for you:

Do you feel overwhelmed with picking healthy foods?

Do you want to beat the chance of getting sick?

Do you want to see the science behind a healthy lifestyle?

Do you want something more than medications?

Do you feel like you're in a mood funk or anxiety is kicking in?

Do you need to change your mindset on health?



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I will share pearls to educate and empower you. My lessons are extremely valuable and cannot be squeezed into medical visits, despite them being a full hour. I have spent countless years in lifestyle medicine-focused training and extra hours doing nutrition and mental health research to bring the best to the world. I aim for extraordinary health and life with a purpose! 

Reclaim your health with one new healthy habit at a time. Knowledge is POWER. Learn with Dr. Melissa, stop wasting your money on FAD diets, and start investing in your physical and mental health. It's the journey, the transformation, and the lessons learned.

Transition To A Plant-Based Lifestyle

$147 ($1000 plus value)

  • Learn how to grocery shop, read labels, meal plan/ batch, and dine-out while following a plant-based diet
  • 7 educational classes
  • Free meditation classes 
  • Free plant-based guides
  • Access to my recipe library
  • Access to online resources
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Total Health Reset

$247 ($2000 plus value)

  • Learn how to eat healthy, exercise, sleep well, connect with others, and avoid substances for better health
  • 8 educational classes
  • Free meditation classes 
  • Free plant-based guides
  • Access to my recipe library
  • Access to online resources
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Mental Health Makeover

$347 ($3000 plus value)

  • Learn how to identify depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and eating disorders
  • Learn the science and research between the connection involving nutrition and mental health
  • Learn the positive impacts of exercise, quality sleep, and less stress on mood and energy
  • 11 educational classes
  • Free group Q&As with Dr. Melissa Mondala
  • Free meditation classes
  • Free support group
  • Access to my mental health guide
  • Access to my good mood recipes
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